Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fun Live Tweeting Last Night

The people behind the wonderful family drama When Calls the Heart are truly amazing. They really care about the #Hearties, the show's fans. How many actors, writers, producers, etc. actually communicate with the fans? These fine people do.

Going through last night's tweets, I made a list of creative people involved in the twitter conversation.
  • Brian Bird, executive producer (#PapaHeartie)
  • Erin Krakow, the actress who plays Elizabeth Thatcher
  • Lori Loughlin, the actress who plays Abigail Stanton
  • Jack Wagner, the actor who plays Bill Avery
  • Kristina Wagner, the actress who plays Nora Avery
  • Marcus Rosner, the actor who plays Charles Kensington
  • Eva Bourne, the actress who plays Clara Stanton
  • Loretta Walsh, the actress who plays Florence Blakeley
  • Allisa Swanson, costume designer
From the Hallmark Channel:
  • Pam Slay, Senior Vice President, Network Program Publicity & Social Content, Hallmark Channel & Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
  • Hallmark Channel's official Twitter feed: @hallmarkchannel
  • Official When Calls the Heart Twitter feed: @WCTH_TV
If I missed anyone, please send me a correction.

During last night's four-hour live tweeting event, several questions I had about the show were answered by the show's executive producer, Brian Bird (#PapaHeartie) and the show's costume designer, Allisa Swanson.

Me: What products/methods do you use to clean the costumes? Can't imagine trying to get out mud/muck stains. #Hearties
Allisa Swanson: The mud splash dresses were splashed with actual paint- so they are still neatly bagged like that- no getting those out.
Me: The magic of TV production. Would never have thought the mud was paint. Thanks for the answer. :) #Hearties

Me: Who are the corporate sponsors/advertisers of @WCTH_TV? Would like to use the companies' products/services. #Hearties
Brian Bird: The #Hearties keep a list of sponsors, addresses updated on their Facebook fan page 4 just such an occasion.

Me: Dumb question: Does Hope Valley just sit there in Canada between seasons or is it torn down and reassembled each season? #Hearties
Brian Bird: Not a dumb question. It stays there. All the props and furniture R put in storage in hopes there will B more seasons.

Me: Clara is Hope Valley's Allisa Swanson!
Allisa Swanson: That's cute! #hearties

Me: Approx. how many outfits are made for each hour of the show?
Allisa Swanson: Wow... I never did a full count, but we kept our workroom very busy - and a lot of contract seamstresses as well!

Me: I shed a tear when Elizabeth's outfit got splashed with muck. #Hearties
Allisa Swanson: That's why we made 4 of them. We did multiple takes for that!

Me: @erinkrakow @LoriLoughlin Your outfits are beyond gorgeous! #Hearties
Erin Krakow: We have @allisa_s to thank for that!

Brian Bird @brbird: Thanks #Hearties for the great night of tweeting. From Cast & Crew of @WCTH_TV, we love you! Watch your DVRs. See you next Sat night!

Brian Bird @brbird: #Hearties, here is my Hope Valley pledge to you. Every Heartie matters and we do our best to answer every one of your questions.

Brian Bird @brbird: When I C all these tweets from #Hearties knowing how many R watching @WCTH_TV after all our hard work, it takes my breath away. Thank you!

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