[L-R] Emily Perkins as Marta Crocker, Chelah Horsdal as Cat Montgomery, Erin Krakow as Elizabeth Thatcher, Lori Loughlin as Abigail Stanton, and Johannah Newmarch as Molly Sullivan

WCTH Alphabetical (by Character) Cast Listing

Character ----------Actor/Actress

Regina Allen - Emma Johnson
Reverend Anderson - Adrian Hough
Herbert Ansvil  - Eric Breker
Barkeep - Bill Dow
Bill Avery - Jack Wagner
Cynthia Bell - Libby Osler
Jonah Bell - Jesse Filkow
Albert Bickley - Sean Michael Kyer
Big Guy - Jason William Day
Judge Jedidiah Black - James Brolin
Florence Blakeley - Loretta Walsh
Boy #1 - Joey Forfellow
Faith Carter - Andrea Brooks
Charles - Jimmy Townsend
Company Doctor - Fred Henderson
Company Lawyer - Jan Bos
Annabelle Conklin - Kaitlyn Bernard
Floyd Conklin - Paul McGillion
Constable Sam - Duncan Fraser
Leland (Lee) Coulter - Kavan Smith
Marta Crocker - Emily Perkins
Counterfeiter - Steve Baran
Daughter - Rebecca Georgelin
Deborah - Paris Abbott
Dirk - Michael Soltis
Winnie Dort - Elizabeth McLaughlin
Caleb Dunbar - Will Verchere-Gopaulsingh
Felix - Giovanni Mocibob
James Fermont - Darius Zaviceanu
Cassandra Garner - Lizzie Boys
Miriam Garner - Sarah Edmondson
Elliot Garvey - Aaron Craven
Gem - Rachel Pawluk
Henry Gowen - Martin Cummins
Bo Grady - Connor Stanhope
Carl Grady - Alex Zahara
Matilda Grady - Jennifer Copping
Edward Graft - Mike Klemak
Dewitt Graves - Derek Hamilton
Mary Dunbar Graves - Laura Bertram
Billy Hamilton - Andrew W. Walker
Anna Hayford - Kadence Kendall Roach
Hickam - Ben Rosenbaum
Frank Hogan - Mark Humphrey
Charles Kensington - Marcus Rosner
Rosemary LeVeaux - Pascale Hutton
Sir Lionel - Jay Hindle
Dr. Lyden - Richard Keats
Samantha Madison - Laura Mennell
Man #1 - Sean Hewlett
Luke McCoy - R.J. Fetherstonhaugh
Adam Miller - Chad Willett
Jolene Miller - Lilah Fitzgerald
Laurel Miller - Christine Chatelain
Morgan-Rose Miller - Sarah Boey
Miner - Primo Allon
Miner - Tom MacNeill
Miner #3 - David Jardine
Cat Montgomery - Chelah Horsdal
Emily Montgomery - Gracyn Shinyei
Gabe Montgomery - Mitchell Kummen
Miles Montgomery - Logan Williams
Mountie - Rob Hayter
Mountie Joe - Robin Nielsen
Mountie #1 - Jordan Becker
Nate - John Reardon
Nellie - Alisha Newton
Carla Noonan - Jill Morrison
Ephraim Noonan - Kiefer O'Reilly
Patrick O'Reilly - Ken Tremblett
Outlaw #1 - Matt Bellefleur
Franklin Palmer - Jarrett Knowles
Judge Roy Parker - Serge Houde
Patrick - Glen Gordon
Bradley Ramsey - Tanner Saunders
Dottie Ramsey - Erica Carroll
Mayor Silas Ramsey - Bruce Harwood
Pinkerton Richardson - Brent Stait
Porter - Jason Verner
Rip - Oscar
Sarah - Melissa Bolona
James Seidler - Jeff Sanca
Charles Spurlock - Steve Bacic
Stagecoach Driver - Jamie Payton
Abigail Stanton - Lori Loughlin
Clara Stanton - Eva Bourne
Stock Boy - Nicholas Ekren
Rachel Stonelake - Katelyn Mager
Molly Sullivan - Johannah Newmarch
Rosaleen Sullivan - Mamie Laverock
Joseph Sweeney - Matthew Harrison
Aunt Agatha Thatcher - Karin Konoval
Elizabeth Thatcher - Erin Krakow
Grace Thatcher - Lynda Boyd
Julie Thatcher - Charlotte Hegele
Viola Thatcher - Devon Weigel
Jack Thornton - Daniel Lissing
Tom Thornton - Max Lloyd-Jones
Joe Tolliver - Keenan Tracey
Toliver Gang Outlaw - Cameron Hilts
Rodger Tower - Noel Johansen
Townswoman - Rose Ranger
Mrs. Weaver - Kirsten Robek
Wyatt Weaver - Ty Wood
Ned Yost - Hrothgar Mathews

Three Main Characters

Elizabeth Thatcher - Elizabeth is an independent, strong-minded, passionate and dedicated young teacher from the city. Elizabeth finds herself in Coal Valley, a small community on the Canadian frontier in need of a teacher. She quickly discovers that Coal Valley is not an easy place to live, and lacks the creature comforts and luxuries of her privileged life with her family. She soon meets the newly appointed and charismatic Mountie Jack Thornton and develops an immediate dislike for him. However, over time they become good friends, and develop an obvious attraction to one another. In the final episode of season 1, "Prelude to a Kiss," (also titled as "Final Adieu") after overcoming many obstacles throughout the season, Jack tells Elizabeth, "You're the one, you're the only one." and they share a kiss.

Jack Thornton - Jack is a laidback country boy. As a Mountie, and a man of stout character and integrity, he often finds himself protecting and saving people. In season 1's "A Telling Silence," Jack found a basset Hound named Rip who he soon took home. A source of comfort and companion in the small town, Jack often goes to Rip (named after Rip van Winkle) when times in his life are difficult. Upon his first meeting of Elizabeth, he developed an instant dislike; it appeared she irritated him. However, he over time he grew to like and then fall madly and completely in love with her. In "Prelude to a Kiss," Jack found out that Elizabeth may be leaving Coal Valley. He took her on a walk, gave her a framed picture of them that he had sketched, and asks her not to leave Coal Valley. He tells her, "You're the one, you're the only one." She replied that she was "not going anywhere", Coal Valley was where she belonged. They share a kiss.

Abigail Stanton - Abigail is a Coal Valley woman who tragically lost her husband and son in the mining accident. Abigail is a very kind woman, but she stands strongly for the things she believes in. She is one of the first women to welcome Elizabeth. She and Abigail quickly become friends, best friends when Elizabeth accidentally burns down the little teacherage. Abigail gladly welcomes her into her home to live. After being complimented on her cooking, Abigail decides to open a cafe in Coal Valley. Together, Abigail and Elizabeth move into the rooms above the cafe. At the end of season 1, Abigail is enjoying the company of Bill Avery, a forensic investigator and friend of Jack Thornton's.